Outlook Plugin

The Outlook plugin for Redbooth is supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10 using versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. It is also supported on Office 365. It is not supported on Mac OS.

Download the installation file to begin. The new version of the plugin comes with an auto update functionality that will automatically check for newer versions of the plugin and update automatically and transparently.

  1. Open this link using Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Run and follow the easy steps as explained.
  3. Open Outlook and see that the plugin is already there.

Create tasks
Click on the dropdown menu of the Add-in. You will see that there are two different available options:

  1. Convert Email to Task and New Task (NOT from Email).
  2. Clicking on the first one will trigger a pop-up window that will enable you to quickly create a task from the email that’s currently open in Outlook. The name and the description of the task will be automatically populated with the email’s subject and body.
  3. The second option will open a pop-up window too, but with all of the task fields blank.
  4. Redbooth for Outlook automatically imports all the attachments from the selected email to the new task; at this point you cannot add more attachments from the plugin. You will need to attach them on Redbooth.
  5. At the moment Redbooth for Outlook can import either all or none of the file attachments. You can then delete individual files on Redbooth.

Outlook Plugin after a force quit
If you force quit Outlook the plugin may disappear from the dashboard. As soon as you reopen Outlook you will get a message inviting you to reopen the add-in. You can click on Yes and retrieve it, or click No and then go to the Options > Add-ins section to reactivate it.

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