Budgeting Resources and Time

Redbooth allows you to easily start budgeting for time spent or resources allocated. You can apply the following steps to any workspace, task list, or individual task by using tags. This is an easy way for you to see what time should be dedicated to an activity or how much money and resources should be dedicated to it.

Combining time tracking and tags in Redbooth can ensure that you have a clear overview of how your team is working. This is especially useful if you are working with external clients.

Budgeting time
Determine how much time you want to be spent on the activity. Let’s use a task as an example:

  1. Create a new task or navigate to an existing one.
  2. Add a tag to the title (click on the title of the existing task to edit it).
  3. Your tag can be something such as #5H. This means you expect to spend 5 hours on this task.

Continually enter the time spent on the task as you progress. You can then compare both in your time-tracking report.

Budgeting resources
Perhaps you want to see how much money or financial resources should be allocated to an activity. You can follow the same steps as above for a task, but using a different hashtag to refer to financial resources (for example, #500 could mean US$500). Unfortunately, there is no report to run for budgeting resources. You can also enter the hashtag into the title of a workspace so as to see the budget for an entire project:


Just enter the desired workspace and edit the name via the Settings tab across the top.

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