Professional and Business Task Features

If you are a Professional or Business user then you can avail of exclusive task features. Use these extra features to add a subtask, make a task private, and view file previews. You can also add time to a task — ideal for tracking productivity!

Multiple assignment
This is ideal for when you need to delegate a task between multiple users. Using multiple assignees is simple:

  1. Open the task and click on Assign the task.
  2. Type the names of the assignees or choose from the suggested assignees.

The first assignee is considered the main assignee and is the one who’s name will appear in any task reports. Their profile icon will also appear in the task list. You can click and drag the assignees to change the order.


Alternatively, you can add assignees directly from the task list by clicking on the assignee icon to the right of the task. You can also quickly reassign a task this way. Enter the name of the new assignee and click on the arrow to the right.

Do you have a main task that requires the completion of smaller tasks? If so, subtasks are exactly what you need. These lightweight bullet points can be added to a main task and can be checked off upon their completion. URLs are not active in subtasks — you must copy and paste the URL to access the page.


If a subtask is considered important enough that it warrants its own task, you can promote it into a task. Just hover over the subtask and click on the arrow icon. Promoting a subtask to a task is an irreversible action.

  • When a main task is resolved, all of the subtasks are automatically considered resolved
  • Subtasks have a limit of 255 characters
  • They are not visible on Timeline view

Subtask assignment and due date (Business only)
If you are on a Business subscription then you have access to extra subtask enhancements. You can assign a subtask to a colleague as well as setting a due date.


Private tasks
Organization admins can enable and disable this feature from within their organization settings. Private tasks are ideal if you are collaborating in a workspace but need to keep a certain task confidential. This is particularly useful if you work with external clients or temporary workers.


  • You can make a newly created task or an existing task private
  • Only the task assignees and followers can view the task
  • It will appear as normal in the task list, but marked with padlock symbol
  • The task counter at the top of the task list includes private tasks, even if you cannot see them in the task list

File preview in tasks
Not only can you see image previews in task comments, but you can also view documents such as PDFs in a preview mode. The ability to directly preview a document within a task comment, without the need to download it, is a great time saver.

You also have the option to see the preview in full screen or to directly download the document.

Time tracking in tasks
Organization admins can enable and disable time tracking from within their organization settings.

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