External Membership Role

If you are invited to Redbooth as an external member then you will have limited capabilities. You can only interact inside the workspace that you have been invited to and have no permissions at an organizational level. External members are exclusively available for Professional and Business subscriptions.

As an external, you can only see limited content within the workspace that you are a member of. Below is a list of what you cannot do in an organization:

  • You cannot access organization or subscriptions and billing settings.
  • You cannot create new workspaces.
  • You cannot invite new users or add existing ones to the workspaces.
  • You cannot use the chat or HD meetings features.
  • You cannot access any of the reporting tools.
  • You cannot access the Timeline feature.
  • You cannot copy or export a workspace.

Note that it is possible for an external member to be a participant or an admin in a different organization. If so, the above limitations are only applicable for the organization in which you are an external.

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