October 2017 Plan Changes for Free Users after March 2017

This article is intended for users that signed up for Redbooth in 2017 and are on the Free plan. Details for the pricing and plan changes that will occur on October 11, 2017 are below.

If I upgrade to Pro/Business, is my pricing locked in for future seats?


If I upgrade to the Business plan at 25% off, how long does the discount last?

12 months

If I upgrade to the Pro plan before October 11, 2017, will my current pricing change? What about new seats I add?

No! Your original pricing is locked in forever. Thank you for being a Redbooth customer!

If I have more than 2 workspaces and my account is migrated to the new Free plan, what happens to the extra workspaces?

You can keep them! However, you can’t create new workspaces, and if you archive a workspace, you won’t be able to unarchive it unless your active workspaces are less than 2. If you need more than two workspaces, upgrade to the Pro or Business plan.

What changes are being made to the Free plan?

In order to streamline our plans, we’ll do the following:

  • We are adding subtasks to the Free plan, which has been reserved for Pro/Business accounts for the past 2 years.
  • We’re changing the number of workspaces to 2 (from 5).
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