New Design and Workspace Features. March 2018.

Redbooth is excited to release several new features designed to help our users organize tasks, plan projects, and customize the experience for their specific needs.



New workspace design. Details subject to change before release.


Over the next several weeks, we will roll out a series of updates to Redbooth’s design, workspace navigation and task details. Information for each update is highlighted below.

Our product roadmap comes directly from our users through interviews, real world testing, and feedback from users. If you feel strongly about something, please let us know!


Product-wide design updates


We begin by updating and expanding the global color palette, including replacing the teal blue with a new "Indigo" purple for tasks, buttons, hover-states, text field borders, and more. Users will notice this change on many of our non-product pages including login, billing, and plans.

After many years of omitting 'red', we felt it was time to carefully include this sensitive color by introducing just a touch of it with our Redbooth icon and new workspace color options.  


The product navigation bar (the top row) will feature a white background and grey text that turns Indigo purple when selected. Users will also notice the addition of the Redbooth icon on the top left, which will take you to the dashboard.

The names of our two new colors  are “Indigo” purple and “London” red.


Following the color update we are introducing a new font "Lato' that will be aligned across our marketing website and all Redbooth products.

The rollout for fonts and colors was completed in late Feb and early March.


Improvements to Workspace Navigation

Teams spend most of their time in Workspaces, organizing tasks and planning their projects. Because of its importance, this is the first feature we wanted to improve.

Updates to the Workspace will start with navigation. Our goal is to make accessing the views and features of workspaces as clear and simple as possible.



There are several ways to interact with workspaces, and users wanted it to be more intuitive to switch between the views. We are simplifying access to Side, Column, and Timeline Views by converting these buttons to icons and aligning to the left.


The 'List view' will show task lists in a vertical scroll format, which is more intuitive for some use cases than the left-to-right scroll of a Kanban board. Redbooth users prior to 2017 will recognize the Size view, but it will be new for anyone who signed up since January 2017.

Updates Views, location, and icon format were released in mid March.



Tasks, Conversations, Files, and Notes were centered and changed to text from icons. Their new location in the center of the screen makes for easier identification and selection when you need to quickly navigate between them.

This update does not include changes to the features themselves.




Less frequently accessed Settings and Members pages are moving to the right side of the navigation view and will still be identified as icons.

The Workspace Options menus will include both Sort, Show, and Actions. Improvements to Task sorting make it easier to sort and identify tasks by due date, assignee.



Task Cards and details

Following navigation we will release some of our most exciting workspace improvements, including task cards and details. Users in a workspace will now see much more detail about their tasks, and in a new format that matches the real behavior of a task.




Card Format

Redbooth tasks have unique qualities to them, but are hidden when shown as standard lists.  Drag and drop and multi-select functionality were not clear, and the view feels like a simple ‘to-do list’. But in team project management, tasks are living entities and to highlight that unique character, we are updating the task to a card format.


Task Details

Cards will surface task details that provide important task information without having to click in to the tasks to view. Thanks to everyone who voted in our forums; this is one of our most popular request.  To view more details on Task Cards, please read this article.

# of comments on task
When viewing all tasks in in the workspace, it can be difficult to see which tasks are being commented on by your team. We will show the # of comments in a task alongside a small icon.

Subtask + subtask ratio
Beneath a task are many, sometimes dozens of subtasks. We are surfacing the number of subtasks, including the number of completed subtasks. 1/2, 3/5, etc. We are introducing color to indicate two additional states of subtasks.

  • If any of the subtasks are assigned to you, the subtask icon is dark grey.

Note: Deleted subtasks and comments will not be counted in the task card totals.

Multiple assignee avatars
In order to view multiple assignees to a task, we are updating the task card to show the first three users assigned. This is an increase of the 1 avatar currently shown.

Due dates and date ranges
To preserve valuable space in a task card and make it easy to read, we are removing the date suffixes. 

  • Current format:  Feb 1st - Feb 12th
  • Updated format: Feb 1 - Feb 12 

Task Cards and Task Details will start rolling out in March (updated).



Following the color, font, task card, and workspace design updates, we will release Redbooth Tags, an advanced tagging system that will allow teams to organize tasks with Status, Priority, and additional tagging grouping options.

Tags will be available to all user in May(updated). Stay tuned for more details!



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