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Smarter Due Dates 

The concept behind Due Date Recommendation is to make applying key features of a task (adding a due date) both easier and faster. In order to improve this experience, we added a 'smart' layer that is both lightweight and convenient.

For anyone familiar with Redbooth's User Recommendation, the concept is similar. Redbooth's AI collects the history of tasks completed (per workspace) and creates an expected duration that can be applied elsewhere.  During the next task creation Smart Redbooth shows a recommendation of when a task will be completed. 

This version shows both the User and Due date recommendations. They are highlighted purple for effect only.


How it works 


Due Date Recommendation contains two basic elements. First is the location of the due date recommendation feature. It lives right next to your existing due date assignment settings, and is activated simply by hovering over the field. To assign a date to a task, click the dates in 'Set date'. This is both time saving (fewer clicks) and helps assign the task on the most appropriate date.

The current drop down of dates is still available if you wish to assign to a different date, date range, or recurring dates. After a date is applied, the recommended dates will now show.  To see them again, remove the due date from the task.

We will also introduce due date recommendation in the task card popovers at a later date.


The second element includes the recommendations themselves. 

  • The first recommended date is the 'Smart' date. This recommendation comes from the history of similar tasks (by task name) and the time it take to complete this task.  This date is applied to the date of task creation. If you are looking at the task many days later, the recommended date does not change. 
    • If this date does not appear, it is because the recommendation engine does not find a correct match.  
  • The next recommended date is Tomorrow, the most commonly assigned due date in all of Redbooth. 
    • NOTE! Tomorrow counts Business days.  So if you are assigning a task on a Friday, tomorrow will create a due date of Monday.
  • The final date is in 1 week.  This is 7 calendar days, or 5 business days from today.   This is the second more commonly applied date in all of Redbooth.  

Due Date Recommendation as it appears. A date is highlighted purple on mouse-hover. 



Due Date Recommendation is available for all Business plan customers starting May 9th.  We are actively improving and updating the feature with feedback from our beta users and early adopters. 

Due-date recommendation will be followed by additional tools to help teams track the progress of their tasks and projects.



Don't see the recommendation? There are three reasons you might not see the recommendation.

- Your account is not on the Redbooth Business plan.

- You have already assigned a date to the task.

-  The engine does have a best date recommendation.  This could be because there are not enough historical tasks to create a recommendation.  In this case it will only show 'Tomorrow' and 'in 1 week'. 



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