Redbooth Shortcuts

There are some built-in keyboard shortcuts to do things faster in Redbooth. For shortcuts on Mac, press the CMD key and for shortcuts on Windows, press the CTRL key.

Bulk Edit Tasks

You can bulk edit tasks from within either the Kanban View or List View.

Simply hold down the CMD/CTRL and click on the tasks you wish to edit. You will see some bulk edit options appear next to the view icons as shown in the image below.

Assign: Allows you to assign the selected tasks to one or more users.

Due Date: Allows you to set the due date for the selected tasks.

Move: Allows you to move the selected tasks to a different workspace and/or task list.

Delete: Allows you to delete the selected tasks with a single click.



Reply by Email - Mailto Link

When you click on the "Reply by email" option in a task card, it copies the task's email address to clipboard.

Alternatively, you can activate the mailto link by holding down the CMD/CTRL key and clicking on the "Reply by email" option. This will open your email client with the task's email address and title pre-populated. 




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