Multiple Organizations

Enterprise subscriptions can take advantage of Redbooth's multiple organizations capability. This feature is primarily beneficial for large corporations that have distinct departments that do not interact with one another. We do not recommend using multiple organizations on a project-by-project basis as it can make user management more difficult.

To add another organization to your subscription, please contact us at support. You cannot manually add an organization.

Best practices for organizations

  • Only use multiple organizations if you have distinct teams where no members (or only a few) overlap.
  • Ideally, the subscription’s billing contact should be an admin in all organizations.
  • It is possible to be an admin and a participant in distinct organizations within one subscription.
  • We don’t recommend using different organizations for individual projects — you can make a workspace private if needs be.

As per the point above, it is best to use different workspaces for each project instead of creating new organizations. The hierarchy structure in Redbooth allows for each workspace to be dedicated to a single project or client:

Organization > Workspace > Task List > Task > Subtask

This workflow allows you to store all information pertaining to a client or project in one workspace. Invite the members that you need to work on the project — make the workspace private if you don’t want other users to see its content.

  • Use task lists to group together associated tasks.
  • Assign individual tasks to your colleagues. You can assign to one or multiple users.
  • Use subtasks for smaller parts of a main task. Pro and Business users can assign subtasks and set due dates.
  • Follow our guide on the kanban workflow to get the best out of your workspaces.
  • Archive the workspace once the project is finished.
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