Reactivate a Subscription

If you have an idle subscription with Redbooth it is never too late to reactivate it. Reactivating a subscription is easy and allows you to pick up where you last left off. If you haven’t used your account for a while, make sure to check out what updates we have made to Redbooth while you were away – as you can see, we are always striving to improve and innovate our platform for you.

Reactivating a subscription
If you need to reactivate your subscription, just log into Redbooth as normal. You will be guided through the reactivation process. If you are not an admin, you will be asked to contact the admin to reactivate the subscription.

Recovering data
It is very important that you are aware of what happens to your data when reactivating your subscription. For security reasons, if you have not reactivated your account within 6 months, all stored data is deleted. You must either export your data before the account is closed, or contact us before the 6 month limit passes in order to retrieve the data.

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