Billing FAQs

Below are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about billing and subscriptions. Take a look at our pricing page before getting started.

Where is my subscription and billing information stored?
Organization admins can access their billing and subscription information here.

Who has access to subscription and billing information?
Only organization admins can access this data. Participants and externals can see the Subscriptions and Billing menu option but cannot see or access any data.

Where are my invoices?
Your invoices are stored in the Subscriptions and Billing section of your menu.

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the top right of your Redbooth account.
  2. Select Subscriptions and Billing.
  3. Click on your subscription on the left menu.
  4. Click on the tab marked Invoices.

You can view, download, and print all of your invoices.

Can I change from a Professional subscription to a Business subscription?
Yes, you can upgrade to a Business subscription at any time by going into Subscriptions and Billing section of your menu. A pro-rated credit will automatically be applied to the upgrade.

How can I change my billing information?
You can edit your billing and invoice information directly in your Subscriptions and Billing menu. The changes will only affect future invoices. If you need an old invoice edited then please contact us.

How do I add seats to my subscription?
You can add seats to your subscription by following these steps.

Can I add new members to Redbooth if all my paid subscription seats are occupied?
No, you will first need to add a seat to your subscription. You can then add the new member.

I need to cancel my subscription immediately, but how?
Only organization admins can cancel a subscription. Please follow these steps. Note that deleting your account or organization does not cancel a paid subscription — you will continue to be billed.

You still have access to your Redbooth account until the end of the current billing period, even after canceling.

How do I renew my subscription?
Your subscription will renew automatically. If you do not wish to renew, please cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

Can I access my account after a cancellation?
If you need to access your Redbooth account after a cancellation, you will need to reactivate it.

Can I change from a paid subscription to a free subscription?
Yes, please read the guide here.

Can I upgrade my free subscription to a paid subscription?
Yes, please read the guide here.

My Business Preview ended. Can I upgrade to a Business account to keep the features?

Yes, please select either the Pro or Business plan on the upgrade page to keep the paid features. Otherwise, your account will change to a Free one.


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