Activate and Configure Your Profile

Have you just been invited to Redbooth by a colleague? If so, then you will probably be busy trying to understand the basics in Redbooth. However, regardless of how long you have been using Redbooth for, it is essential that you take the time to activate and configure your account. This will make your Redbooth experience a whole lot smoother.

Activate your account
It doesn’t matter if you have set up a Redbooth subscription or if you have been invited to join by a colleague, you need to activate your account. We will send you an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your account. It is very important that you complete this step, so check your spam folder just in case. The email is sent to the email address that you either registered the account with or that you received the invitation to.

Note, that you can only have one email address associated with your Redbooth account. Be sure you are using the correct email address if you are having the following issues:

  • You cannot log in — you must log in with the email address associated with the account.
  • You are not receiving email notifications — check the email address registered to your Redbooth account.
  • You can’t remember your password — request a new one here.

Configure your account
Once you have confirmed your account, the next step is to configure it to your liking. Click on your avatar which is located in the top right corner and select My profile settings from the drop-down menu. Below are the most important sections to configure:

  • My Account (Account settings)

Here you can select a username and change the email address associated with your account. You can also select the language that you wish to use Redbooth in.

  • My Account (Profile information)

Here is where you can enter your name. This is important as it is how your colleagues will see you when interacting in Redbooth. Be sure to add a telephone number if you wish to use voice calls.

Activate Your Account

Your notifications
Do you like instant updates on your desktop? Enable desktop notifications. Do you prefer to be updated via email? Choose which type of emails you want to receive. All notifications are related to activity that is relevant to you in Redbooth.

Finally, you should link your Redbooth account to some of our wonderful integrations. This will enable you to share files and documents directly from one source to Redbooth, helping you to stay productive. Read all about our great integrations here.

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