Calendar Reporting

Calendar reporting allows you to stay organized and report on the number of active and resolved tasks each team member has. This reporting feature is available to all subscriptions, but external users do not have access.

Click on the Reports tab across the top of your screen and select Calendar from the drop-down menu.


  1. Narrow your search by using the filters available at the top of the page.
  2. You can scroll through the different months by using the directional arrows beside the current month. It is only possible to view one month at a time.
  3. Click on any task to view it in detail.
  4. Hover over a date to add a new task. The option to add a task will appear in blue.
  5. You can print the calendar by clicking on the print icon in the top right. Ensure to print it in Portrait mode.

Note that only tasks with a defined due date will appear on the report. A count of subtasks will appear if:

  • The subtask is assigned to the logged in user
  • The main task has a due date

You can use the Task Overview reports to view all tasks and subtasks assigned to a specific user.

Watch our 90-second video that shows you the Calendar Report in action.

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