All Activity Overview

With Redbooth you can run many different reports to get a precise insight into things such as workloads and time tracking. However, if you would like to get an overview of all activity in your organization, then you can just follow the simple options described below. You can tailor your search to show you recent activity, enabling you to quickly see what your team has been up to.

How to View All Activity
Our advanced search feature is a great way to refine your searches. With this tool you can set as many filters as you like, allowing you to see activity for your entire organization, or narrow it down to a specific workspace. You can go one step further and narrow down your search for activity solely related to tasks or conversations, for example.

All Activity Overview

Alternatively, you can use the Task Overview report to see all activity for your organization. With this powerful reporting tool, you can apply filters to see activity relating to specific users or workspaces. You can also select to see activity in the order of your preference — from most recent and vice versa.

Finally, you can see updates relating to a specific workspace by viewing the workspace update bar. This isn’t as in-depth as the options above but can help to give you a quick overview when inside a workspace.

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