Tags to Prioritize and Label Tasks

When you have lots of tasks that are related then you can easily label them with tags. This helps to quickly identify them or to have them appear grouped together when you enter the tag into the search bar.

A tag can also help you to add special context to tasks, assign priority, or just to make searching easier.

  • Click on the task title and add a tag — just as you would a hashtag
  • As soon as you save the title, the task will be tagged
  • Clicking on a tag will display other tasks with the same tag across your workspaces
  • Use tags for context, such as #client, #feature, #bug, #launch
  • Or use them to indicate priority, such as #P1, #P2, #P3


Tags with just letters will be displayed as black (#ABC), but tags that contain numbers will be displayed as red (#ABC123, or #123). The By User view will display tasks by due date and priority tag. This is how you can use tags to prioritize your work in Redbooth.

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