Working with External Clients and Workers

For many companies, collaborating with external clients and temporary workers is an integral part of their day. Redbooth facilitates this process by allowing you to add these workers as an external member.

These workers do not occupy any paid seats within your subscription. They can easily collaborate with you and your team within the workspaces they are added to. All external members are subject to the certain limitations which you can read about here.

How to invite external clients and workers
Inviting your external clients and workers to Redbooth could not be easier. They do not need to have a pre-existing Redbooth profile to be invited.

  1. Just follow these steps to invite them to a workspace.
  2. Repeat the above steps if they need to be added to more workspaces.
  3. They will receive an email inviting them to join.
  4. They must click on the link in the email to access Redbooth.
  5. Once they have clicked on the link, they can immediately begin to collaborate with you and your team on the project.

General information on external clients and workers

  • They cannot be invited to specific tasks only.
  • It is not possible to set custom limits on what an external can and cannot do (“view only”, “edit only”, etc.).
  • They do not occupy paid seats in your subscription.
  • They can interact within the workspaces they are invited to. This includes commenting on, creating, and resolving tasks.
  • They can create private tasks.
  • They can view public files in the workspace.
  • They cannot view information in workspaces they are not a member of.
  • They do not have access to any billing information, nor can they access the reporting features.
  • They cannot create new workspaces or add members to your organization.

Limitations aside, an external member can be treated like any member of your team in Redbooth. They can collaborate in a fully functional manner with the workspaces they are invited to. If you are looking for more information, watch the following video on how to work with client projects.

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