5 Ways of Using Workspaces

Workspaces are the hub of Redbooth. This is where you and your team collaborate over tasks, whilst driving forward the completion of your projects. Workspaces allow you and your colleagues to easily communicate, while also giving transparency to all aspects of the workload.

Find out some tips for using workspaces below.

Project management
This is probably the most obvious, but it still bears repeating. No matter what scale your project us, a workspace in Redbooth is the ideal platform from which to launch it. You can create task lists which host related tasks — you can even create task list templates to save yourself time.

You should only invite the relevant members of your organization to the workspace. This means that you can better control the information which is shared. If you need to ensure that the information stays confidential then you can make the workspace private.

If you need to quickly chat with a colleague about a task within the workspace, you can start a direct chat immediately with the task URL.

Kanban workflows
Whether you prefer the agile or kanban method, using workspaces in Redbooth means that you can choose which method works best for you. Read here to get a detailed guide on how to use the Kanban method in Redbooth.

Ideas and brainstorming
If you are in a meeting and some great ideas of plans come up, why not use your workspace to quickly note them down? By using Redbooth on a large screen or projector, you can easily add brainstorming ideas as a task or create a task list with the different ideas separated. If you use the former, why not jot down your thoughts as subtasks?

Group conversations
When collaborating with your team, there will invariably be a scenario where something needs to be communicated which doesn’t really fit into a task. Workspace conversations are a great way to interact openly with your colleagues in as formal a manner as you like. Create new conversations and invite the members that you wish.

A visual guide for meetings
Not only can you use workspaces for brainstorming, but you can also make it a key piece of your meeting. Use the timeline view to get a broader look at deadlines and the progress of a project. Don’t forget that if you are communicating with our HD meetings, you can also share your screen. Perfect for those remote meetings!

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