Professional and Business Reporting

Professional and Business subscriptions also include access to a variety of advanced reporting features. These powerful tools allow you to get precise insights into all areas of your organization, including each user’s workload and recent productivity.

Business subscriptions have exclusive access to Workspace and User reports, as well as extra filtering options in Task Overview reporting.

Tasks by user reports
The tasks by user reporting feature is every manager’s dream. It allows you to see the active and resolved tasks for any given user in your organization. You can also filter your search to see tasks by certain workspaces. This report shows resolved tasks from the past 7 days.


  1. Click on the reports tab and select Tasks by User from the drop-down menu.
  2. Filter by member and by active or resolved tasks.
  3. Choose to view all workspaces or one in particular.
  4. You can edit a task on the right by clicking on it.

Workload reports
Overview, adjust, and improve workload planning for you and your team. This reporting features gives you a clear view of the tasks for each member in your organization. You can also make direct edits to any tasks in case you need to increase or decrease the number of tasks for any given member.


Click on any of the tasks to view it in more details and made edits as needed. Note that the report only shows on the main task that a subtask is assigned if:

  • The subtask is assigned to the logged in user
  • The main task is assigned to the logged in user

Time tracking reports
Use the time tracking report to see how much time each member has spent during a given period. You can see an overview of all users in all workspaces, or filter your search down to a single user and a specific workspace. The total time spent per week is displayed on the right and a detailed breakdown is available at the bottom of the report.

Organization admins must enable time tracking via their organizations settings.

Workspace reports (Business)
Workspace reports gives you the ultimate overview each member’s assigned tasks in your organization. This reporting feature is only available for Pro Business subscriptions. Filter your search down by workspace as well as newly created, resolved, or active tasks.


User reports (Business)
User reports is a great way to see a detailed overview of the tasks assigned to a specific member of your organization. This reporting feature is only available for Pro Business subscriptions.

  1. Click on the reports tab and select Users from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose which user you want to report on from the tab in the top left.
  3. Tasks are divided up into different categories as displayed below.

User Reports

View the last week’s activity for the chosen user, or look at what their workload is like for the week ahead:

User Reports

You can click on the underlined link in each section which will bring you to the relevant list.

Task overview reports
Redbooth’s task overview report is where you can find all of the tasks in your organization. Its powerful filtering tools allow you to generate precise reports, ensuring that no task, be it active or resolved, can be overlooked. You can also export the report into an XLSX or CSV file.

There are four different filters available:

  • Workspaces
  • Status
  • Assignees
  • Created by (exclusive to Business subscriptions)

Task Overview

You can change the order of the tasks listed by clicking on the black arrows beside each header.

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