Understanding Your Dashboard

The dashboard in Redbooth is the hub for all of your tasks and updates.

My Tasks

The My Tasks view is the default landing page when you log into Redbooth.


1. The number of tasks assigned to you and how many are due today.
2. Toggle between viewing your assigned tasks and updates. You receive updates to tasks you are assigned to and tasks you are following or mentioned in.

Your assigned tasks are ordered based on their due date:

  • Overdue
  • Due today
  • Due tomorrow
  • Due this week
  • Due next week
  • Upcoming
  • No due date
  • Urgent tasks are assigned to the relevant category based on their due date.

3. Select workspace and task list filter options to bring even more focus to your My Tasks view.
Note: When you select a workspace filter, it will show filter options for task lists in that workspace only if you have at least one task assigned under those task lists.

4. Your assigned tasks they will populate on the right when viewing them.
5. Easily navigate to your recently viewed workspaces.


The Updates view shows all of your Redbooth notifications. 


  • You can dismiss a notification by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner. 
  • Notifications highlighted in purple are from tasks that are assigned to you. 
  • Notifications are sorted in chronological order (most recent notification at the top) by default. They can be grouped by workspace by going to My profile settings > Notifications > Dashboard and enabling the Group Dashboard Updates by Workspace option.

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