User Roles and Permissions

In a Redbooth organization, there are three different user roles — admins, participants, and externals. You can view each of the user roles in the table below. 

Action Externals Participants Admins
Access To Workspaces Access workspaces they are invited to Access self created workspaces and ones invited to Access all workspaces
Creating and Resolving Tasks  Create and resolve tasks in workspaces they are invited to Create and resolve tasks in own workspaces Create and resolve tasks in all workspaces
Invite Users To Workspaces ✔   ✔
Schedule HD Meetings x  ✔
Timeline View (Gantt) x ✔ 
Change User Role x x
Inviting Users To Organization x x
Archive, Delete, Rename Workspaces x x
Updating Billing Information x x
Export / Backup Organization Data x x
Remove Members


Delete Organization


Delete Members


x x


If you are an organization Admin, you can change the role for any user by following the steps here

Deleting Users

Need help deleting a user from our servers?  This is a major change to your account and only account Admins can make this request. All information about this user AND their contributions to your account will be removed.

Email or use the Submit a Request form with the following information and request to have a user deleted from your org.

  • username
  • user email address
  • Organization ID

You can find your organization ID in your Redbooth URL. Click on your Profile Icon > Manage my organization.  The Org ID is the number captured in this url.  In the example below, the ID is 594574.

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