Timeline Overview

 Timeline Overview easily allows you to manage multiple workspaces in a single timeline view (Gantt chart). You can filter your Timeline Overview by workspace or members.

For more information, check out our Timeline View article.

Timeline Overview is available on the Business plan.

Combine Timelines From Multiple Workspaces

1. To view multiple workspaces on a single timeline view, click on Reports --> Timeline Overview.

2. You should see a report similar to the one shown below. 

3. Using the Report Builder, select the workspaces you would like to see added to a shared timeline. This populates your timeline with tasks including the assignees, durations, and status.

Filter Tasks By Assignees

You can also filter based on members of your organization. To find the tasks that have been assigned to someone from different workspaces, filter by one or more assignees. 

Collapsing Lists

Customize your view further by collapsing task lists to hide specific tasks from your timeline. By default, resolved tasks are hidden but you can easily show them in the timeline from the dropdown menu at the top-right.

Collapsing Workspaces

When you collapse workspaces, you can get a high-level view of all of your projects. The workspace colors in this view can be changed by modifying your personal workspace color for the workspaces. 


Timeline View Functions

Timeline Overview also offers the same task management capabilities as your workspace Timeline View. You can click into any task for more details, change dates, and add dependencies on the fly. When you’re ready to schedule additional work, toggle the filter to show tasks without dates to push your project closer to the finish line.



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