Assignees and Followers

Assign tasks to your colleagues to help push your projects along.

The image above shows you how to quickly assign and reassign a task from within the task list view. You can also enter into the task to assign and reassign it.

A task follower is different to a task assignee. A follower will receive updates to the task in the Dashboard > Updates section, but it will never appear in their Dashboard > My Tasks section. This is a good way to keep members of your team updated on a task without assigning them to the task.

  1. Open up a task.
  2. Click on the follower menu that is marked with the icon of two profiles.
  3. Enter the user’s name or select from the list available.
  4. Click on the box to the right and it will turn blue.
  5. Click the blue Done button. If you do not do this, your changes won’t save.


Another option is to @mention a colleague in the task description or a comment on the task. Mentioning someone with @username in a task they are not a part of will automatically make that user a follower of the task. The same applies to conversations.


You can simply type in @ and choose from the list of users displayed. Select @all to get the attention of all assignees and followers.

Professional and Business subscriptions can add multiple assignees to tasks!

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