Comment and Attach Files

The comments box comes with a number of formatting options, including emojis. Redbooth uses Markdown as the language to write comments. Click on the A button to the right of your comment box to view the options available.

Task Comments

You can discover more emojis to use here.

Edit and delete comments
You can edit and delete your own comments by clicking on the dropdown arrow beside them:

Attach files to tasks
To attach a file to a task simply click on Attach files. You can attach files from your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts if you have them linked. Once attached, you must click on the Comment button. Note that you cannot attach files larger than 2MB.


If you are having any issues attaching files to tasks or comments, please see our troubleshooting.

Task comment history
There are two different options when it comes to seeing trail messages and comment history in all tasks. The comments option shows just that (comments!) and the all activity option will also display any edits to assignees and due dates.

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