Import Spreadsheet Excel Files

Did you know you can import tasks and projects from Excel into Redbooth? Just follow the steps below to seamlessly import your data!

1. First, find the import button in the relevant workspace you wish to import your tasks and task lists.

2. Once you click on Import, you will get a pop up screen showing how the data in your excel file should be formatted. Make sure you match the format of your excel file to the format shown here.

3. Click on Got it, import my file and select the .xlsx file you wish to import.
- Note, Redbooth only imports .xlsx files. Please make sure your excel file in the correct format.

4. Once you upload the file, a sneak preview will be shown with a first few rows of data that we were able to read from the file. This preview accurately represents how the data will be processed and imported to Redbooth. Check if everything looks good and then click Yes, this looks correct.

5. The tasks and task lists get imported by Redbooth.

6. Check your workspace and see them there!

Formatting your .xlsx file to match Redbooth
Task List: Accepts name of the task list under which you would like to create the task. If you are new to Project Management software, refer to the Redbooth Template to better understand task lists. If left empty, tasks will be put under a default task list.

Task: Accepts name of the task or action item you would like to be created as a task in Redbooth. If left empty, we name the task as [No name], and once your import is successful, you can change the name to something relevant.

Description (optional): Accepts description for the task. Use this space to add more details about the task.

Assignee (optional): Accepts email addresses like The following rules are applied when determining assignment:

  • If the email / user already exists in the Redbooth project, the task is assigned to the user.
  • If the email / user exists in the Redbooth organization, the user will be invited to the project and the task is assigned to the user. An email will be sent to the user inviting them to the project.
  • If the email / user doesn’t exist in Redbooth, the user will be invited to the organization.
  • If your organization hits seat limit when trying to invite new users, we simply ignore the assignment. Once you import successfully, please add extra seats to your subscription and assign the tasks to new users.
  • You can assign to multiple users by entering their email addresses into the assignee column. The first email address entered signifies the principal assignee.

Due Date (optional): Accepts date in mm/dd/yyyy format. If the value is blank or non-date format, the value is ignored and the task is created with no due date.

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