Workspace Conversations

Create a workspace conversation to have a more casual discussion with your colleagues. All conversations are accessed by clicking on the conversations tab across the top of each workspace. Only organization admins or the conversation creator can delete a conversation.

Create a conversation

  1. Click the quick create button in the top right of your Redbooth screen, or go to the conversations section inside a workspace and click on New Conversation.
  2. Choose who you want to notify from the drop-down menu.

Convert a conversation into a task
Quite often it is the case that a conversation can turn into a brainstorming session. You can easily convert conversations into tasks if they take on greater importance.


All of the comments from the conversation will appear in the task, but you will have to give your newly created task both an assignee and due dates. You cannot turn a task back into a conversation.

Move a conversation
Any member of a workspace can move a public conversation to another workspace. Just click on the dropdown arrow and choose the Move option. You will be prompted to choose the destination workspace.

Create and reply to conversations by email
All users can create new conversations or reply to existing ones. Every workspace has an identifier located in its settings — send an email to this identifier and a new conversation will be created. You can also send an attachment to the conversation but it must be less then 10MB.

To reply to a conversation by email just click on the drop-down arrow and select the option Reply by email. A message will appear showing the email address to reply to.

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