Files and Folders

Any file that is attached to a task or conversation is automatically stored in the files section of the workspace. You can access this by clicking on the file tab at the top of your workspace.


The following applies to files and folders in your workspaces:

  • Files cannot be larger than 150MB
  • Files are stored in the root folder unless they are 1) uploaded to a specific folder within the files section or 2) manually moved to a folder
  • Files must be downloaded individually — you cannot download in bulk
  • Files and folders can be edited, moved or deleted by organization admins, workspace creators, and the user who uploaded the file
  • Create a public link for each file and share it externally
  • There is a limit of 2GB of storage for your entire organization
  • Professional subscriptions have 5GB of storage and Business subscriptions have 50GB of storage
  • Files uploaded from Dropbox have public links
  • Files uploaded from Google Drive are dictated by the provider’s privacy settings
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