Android App

Redbooth is a fantastic platform for communication and collaboration, which is why our Android app allows you to stay just as productive when on-the-go. You can download the app from the Google Play store.

About the Android App
Using the Android app is similar to using the web platform in Redbooth, although there are certain features which are not available on the app. You log in as normal using your Redbooth credentials.

The default page for the app is My Tasks. This displays all of your tasks that are assigned to you, and are divided by due date. On this screen only, the red circle with a + allows you to create a task in the app.


To navigate through the app, use the bottom bar to get to Workspaces and notifications. By clicking on the icon marked by three dots which is in the upper right corner you can join workspaces, access your settings, and use the search feature.

Notifications in Android
Your notifications are sorted by time. You can dismiss each one individually or click on the Dismiss All tab at the top to clear all notifications. You can allow push notifications by configuring your settings on the Android device. You can access the notification to view the task or conversation by tapping on it. To dismiss it, just swipe right or left.

We are continually adding new features to the app, however, the Timeline view is not yet available.

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