Connect Zapier integrations with Redbooth

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Redbooth with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. It’s easy to use existing Zaps, or create your own, to connect the productivity of Redbooth with your favorite tools.


The most common use case for Zapier is to create a new Redbooth task from a given action in another tool you use. For example: “create a Redbooth task from a new entry in this form”. Beyond just tasks, you can also create a new workspace, task list, or comment.

In order to use this integration you must have an account with Zapier, Redbooth, and each tool you wish to connect. There are dozens of existing ‘Zaps’ to use, or you can create your own.

In this example, we connect Typeform to Redbooth, so that a form entry in a Typeform becomes a new task in Redbooth.  To do this, you need a Typeform Account, an existing form, at least one sample form entry, and a Redbooth Task List for your new tasks.

Get started by connect your Typeform account in Zapier

Click Yes, Continue.  Then click the big orange "Create a new Zap" button.


Choose "New entry: when a form is submitted" as the trigger for a new Redbooth task


Select the Typeform to connect with Zapier. Make sure you have at least one entry for testing.

After a successful test, click Continue to connect Redbooth


Next, choose the action you wish a form entry will make in Redbooth. If you haven't already, connect your Redbooth account.  Select the Redbooth account you want to connect.  Zapier allows you to have multiple accounts.



Zapier will ask what you wish you do with Redbooth; we recommend Creating a Task.

  • You can also create a comment, workspace, or task list.For a task, select a Task List that is specific to the form entries.  
    • If you have not done so, create a new Task List in Redbooth before continuing in Zapier.
  • In the Task Name, choose from the Typeform fields to customize the name.
    • You can select a user name, or company name so it is easy to read.  For anonymous entries, you can simply title the task “ID”


  • In the description, select one or more of the Typeform field entries, to provide more context from each of the entries.  You can include all of the form fields if you wish, including images uploads.
  • Assignee, Status, and Privacy are optional, but helpful settings for form entries.
    • If you choose Status, select “New”



Finally, test. When successful, click Finish.  Zapier will create a test Zap for you, so will receive a entry in your Redbooth Task List immediately.  Give you Zap a name and make sure that the Zap is on.  Any new entry to the form will create a Task in Redbooth.



If you wish to contribute your custom Zap to the community, you can create a public ‘Template’ using a Zapier developer account.



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