Connect Redbooth and Jira with Zapier

In this example, we connect Redbooth with Jira so that a task created in Redbooth triggers the creation of a Jira issue. In order to do this, you’ll need a Jira account with an existing project, and a Redbooth project with a task list.

 To get started, go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap!”.

 Under Choose a Trigger App, select Redbooth.1.png

Select "New Task" as the Redbooth trigger. Alternatively you can select a different trigger if it works better for your workflow.



A window will appear asking you to authorize Zapier to use your Redbooth account. Click "Authorize". 



Next, select Redbooth V3 as your Redbooth account. You can test the connection or simply click "Save and Continue".



Under Set up Redbooth Task, select the Redbooth organization, workspace, and task list you want to create the task trigger for.5.png


Test your Redbooth trigger. This step will allow you to fetch a task from the task list you connected in the previous step. Check that your selections are correct.



Next, we will set up the action that corresponds to the Redbooth task trigger. Search and select Jira under "Choose an Action".



Select "Create issue" or a different Jira action you wish to use for your workflow. Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_3.12.34_PM.png


Allow Zapier to access your Jira account by providing the public URL of your Jira. You will also need to provide your Jira username and password.



Under "Set up Jira issue" select the Jira project, issue type and summary for the Jira issue created by the Redbooth task trigger.



Test the complete Redbooth and Jira connection. The Redbooth task has triggered the creation of a new Jira issue. Play around with the configuration settings until you have the desired outcome for your workflow.


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